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Pro Plumbing Inc. is owned and operated by master plumber, Mike Oliveri, who has worked in Rochester and the surrounding Western NYS for over 30 years.

Building Pro Plumbing the Company

Mike fell in love with the challenge and skill required of plumbing first as a student at BOCES 2 WEMOCO Technical Center, and later as an apprentice with various local plumbing companies. Since age 18 Mike has devoted himself to the craft of plumbing, keeping up-to-date with new products and techniques, applying his expert know-how to his residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Pro Plumbing Now

Today Pro Plumbing's open shop enjoys a good relationship with Monroe County Pure Waters (MCPW), Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA), the City of Rochester, and the City of Rochester Water Works, as well as a solid client base. Whether his company is involved in a municipal project, or working on private developments, you can always find Mike on-site working alongside his experienced staff to ensure a job done just right.

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